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Revolution by way of evolution, present.
Something stirs down deep
Calculations of frustrations-
“What the fuck am I doing?”
And a war of the mind, 
Internal battles with the rhetorics
Bestowed from birth

How unfair? How am I here?
Man, what the fuck even am I?
You concoct a word and it just-
A collection of murmurs
Thrown together to exchange
In order to better understand one another,
And those who understand
Excel and move forward

How unfair?
To be spoon fed utterances of lies,
Brought up on teachings of
‘That’s just how it is’,
The ‘Go-along-to get-along’ ’s, and 
The ‘Just play the game to get ahead’ ‘s
All prepackaged, boxed and ready to go
“Just for you”...
How lucky are you?

Before you even get here
It’s all ready...for you
Is already you.

Your name, your clothes.
“Oh, he’ll be like me, and he’ll 
Fill-in-the-blanks with adjectives
That you may not even agree with
Hell, your existence is a viral video
Before they can even pick out 
Your toy trucks or baby dolls…
All are ready
To already define

So, you go through life,
Follow the rules,
Do what you’re told because,
“That’s what you’re supposed to do”
Until you reach that moment…
When it hits you…

Man, fuck this!

All that I have been to this point
Is a being,
Trying the best only to rock the boat,
Ever so slightly, not to tip it over
“Oh, honey, don’t do that”, and
“Yes, follow your dream but,
Only so far because,
These bills won’t pay themselves”

Who is anyone else to tell me
About me?!
I don’t want your made up 
Languages and labels
That carry locked and loaded definitions,
Far worse than anything found in Webster

Don’t put me in your box!
History may prove
The future to come for others,
But, not me.

We, as energies,
Bumping, colliding, and passing through…
We. Just. Are.

We make up
The “that's how society is” mentality 
But, seemingly, have lost ourselves
Along the way

Revolution, evolution
Revise, come the fuck alive!
Dismantle your auto-pilot functions,
Bring life to the mannequins 
Society has created us to be.

Morgan Scott is a black woman, writer and creative based on Cleveland, OH. She currently works as a corporate/flight attendant recruiter by day, and an aspiring creative at any other free point of her 24 hours. She enjoys visiting art museums, singing, poetry slams, and live shows (anything or anywhere that has unrestricted expression involved). 


Keep up with her on Instagram under her pen name, @DelaKarrington.