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Meet Tobi Ewing (BTC x ManeAttire Collaboration Part 2)

Hi Creatives! Part 2 of the BTC x ManeAttire collaboration is here!


Part 1 was my interview with Jamerly! How did y'all enjoy?! If you missed the interview you can catch it here!


Part 2 is an exclusive interview I did with Jamerly, titled "Beyond The Clouds Unicorns Exist"! I haven't wrote much about myself yet, so this is a great way to learn about me and my purpose with BTC. You can also check out our About page to learn about BTC. With Jamerly, I discuss a bit about myself, BTC purpose, my art and my future goals for BTC. This is also my 1st interview after updating our mission statement/tagline, check it out on our IG bio and let me know what you think!


I will soon do my own interview of myself that's more in depth so you can get to know me, the face behind the screen, a bit more!


Ok enough of me talking, dive in!


(reading from Mane-Attire.com)


When I say that Black Girl Magic is the most believable magic in the world, what I am really saying is unicorns exist. And they are not white, on four legs, with a horn in the middle of their forehead, they are all shades of melanin, on two legs that have MANES as crowns. Black girls are unicorns. We are making movements of self-empowerment, support, sharing positive stories and messages about people of color to create a community the world constantly fails to deem as realistic. In this space, dreaming is possible. 



Who is the Black Girl Magic in this post? Tobi Ewing. Tobi Ewing is a dreamer who graduated from Skidmore College two years ago. As a dreamer, Tobi has many talents from fashionista to artist. In her latest project, Tobi created Beyond The Clouds a site "for creatives, Entrepreneurs and Changemakers creating opportunities #BeyondTheClouds."  The purpose is to highlight people of color who are doing great things in the world in different fields. 



Tobi's work not only leads us to believe that all Black Girl Magic is possible but that it is real, alive and now. See I told you unicorns were real! 

Here is an interview with Tobi herself! 

  •  Who is Tobi?

Tobi is a black queer woman. A midwest girl with the hustle of a New Yorker. An artist/designer and content creator. A creative. Still figuring what I want to be when I grow up.


  • What is your brand and its purpose in the universe?

So I have two brands right now; in the process of rebranding/refocusing my vision. Beyond The Clouds is an online community/blog for creatives, entrepreneurs and change makers creating opportunities #beyondtheclouds. At BTC, I proudly prioritize voices overlooked. This looks like black and brown voices, queer voices and differently-abled voices. I post interviews bi-monthly covering entrepreneurs and creatives, some well established and some 1 year because I find every stage of the creative process important and everyone has a beginning. I am also starting a new segment on the site, Good To Know, (you heard it here 1st!!) [MANE here: aren't you excited, I'm dying] which allows me to spotlight information, events and creatives, that are not in my reach to execute personal interviews, but important for the community I am aiming to reach with BTC. This looks like internship opportunities to artist spotlights.

My other brand is creating and selling my personal illustrations and merchandise. Still working on if I want to sell my work through the BTC site or under a separate brand. Right now I am separate brand, but we’ll see how I like that. Stay tuned!


  • What encouraged you to start Beyond The Clouds?

BTC is truly my passion project. I don’t remember the genesis of my thought to create BTC as a blog, but the idea started between two major events in my life; my first time traveling abroad last year and leaving my job earlier this year. In January, I found myself in a really healthy, light, happy and creative space! I had just started a new job, leaving a really toxic work environment that caused me a lot of headache, and I need to re-examine my intentions and next steps. I was so inspired by the work my friends were doing and wanted to create a platform that could spotlight them/their work and people in similar work. Because of my circle and who reflected me, naturally, I found myself attracted to stories of black and brown folks, women and queer folks. Those are communities that 1) I am apart of and really passionate about and 2) are creating some DOPE shit.


  • What inspires you to continue to pursue it?

It’s my passion project! I’m publishing content I really connect with and content that inspires me. I’m also just getting started with it so it’s a fresh love.

  • What do you hope to accomplish with beyond the clouds?

At its simplest form I hope to inspire the audience and narratives that inspire me- creative, entrepreneurial black and brown folks, women and queers. Of course being a dreamer [Mane again: A.K.A Unicorn] I have SO many plans for the expansion of BTC. Looking into turning it into a LLC or non profit that continues to cater to our community, but offers grants, speaking panels, workshops and community events.


  • What was one of your biggest obstacles, how did you get through it?

It’s still very early for me, so I haven’t experience much challenge. But to answer the question, I think trying to steer away or more so not clearly define the audience I’m prioritizing. For the 1st month, I’ve tried to be “neutral” about who I am serving, but anyone doing passion work or are like me very transparent and emotionally connected with the work they put out, it’s hard to fake the funk. After listening to a podcast by Black Girl In Om on Intentions vs Goals, I noticed being neutral was me trying to hit goals vs being overt about who I’m serving to follow my intentions.


  • How do you want your site to be spoken about and remembered?

I’m still figuring that out as I’m still working on the branding for BTC, but I would love for BTC  to be a homebase of inspiration for those overlooked in society.


  • If there is one thing you want people to remember about you, what would it be?

My transparency. If there is any that I am, I am honest and transparent. Sometimes too honest, I’ve been told lol and which I’m working on my delivery to those not as “tough skinned” as me. But at the same time it’s something I honor about myself, especially today when it’s easy to get caught up in 150 characters and digestible squares of illusion. This allows me to be the best for my friends and family and the work I pursue and keeps toxicity and fakeness out my life. 


I want to thank Tobi so much for such a lovely evening on the bridge as we chatted about living beyond the bubble of constructs, the greatness and challenges that come from leaning into discomfort. It seems dreaming happens outside the realms of comfort and in the arms of clouds, dreams, and unicorns.


Thank you Jamerly for the amazing cover and awesome photographers and being the 1st to interview me about BTC! Your work is so inspiring and it was great to work with you. 


Creatives be sure to head over to Mane-Attire.com and show some love! She has many resources and narratives to keep you entertained!





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