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Words from our Founder: Hey Creatives! Ready for Round 2? This is What's New!

October 11, 2017


Hey Creatives!! How have ya'll been?! What new projects are you all working on? What have you learned about yourself and how has that changed or affirmed your direction? Whatever it I'm SO excited to learn about it!


Although we've been active on IG, it's been a few months since we've had new content here on the site! If you don't follow us on IG, what are you waiting for?! Follow us!


I am so excited for our 2nd installment of the "BTC Creatives" profiles! BTC has a line up of FIVE great creatives, entrepreneurs and change makers to inspire your next move. As always, each new interview will drop every other WEDNESDAY. We like to drop on #humpday Wednesdays because we want our content to be the creative push to get you through the week!


Also important news, WE MOVED! BTC originally was based in NYC, but I (Tobi) have moved, so we are now based in Columbus, Ohio! I know you're like "Whattt?? Ohio?? What's there??" Well wake up and smell the coffee! Ohio holds more than cornfields and cookie cutter suburbs. We have incredible artists, dancers, singers, painters, musicians, entrepreneurs, community activists and so much more!Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus are huge creative hubs, both and corporate hubs! And we're just as talented as those in LA, Chicago and NYC. Believe me, after living in NY for 6 years, not a lifetime, but enough to observe, I thought this many times. What those larger cities DO have that's lacking in the midwest is visibility and exposure. I hope to be a change agent in exposing more artists from Ohio and the midwest beyond, as well as other cities, of course!


But besides those reasons above, I also came back for family! I am from Dayton, Ohio, born and raised! I left at 18 when I went off for College. When I left my sister was 9 and my brother was 2. BABIES! I love my siblings very much, and sucked it to miss a big chunk of their adolescents. My mom survived a benign, but very large brain tumor that could have left her blind. And my I missed goofing off with my very hard working father. Even when I left at 18, I knew at some point that I wanted to move closer and I knew if I ever moved back to Ohio I would live in Columbus! So when the time in my life came that I was ready to leave NYC. I knew what was next! For me, it was a win-win; I got to be closer to my family (about 1.5hr away) and I didn't have to put a pause on my career. I work in corporate retail, but as a young adult and creative, I am still learning my passions and "what I want to be when I grow up" and I wanted a city that would offer opportunities for change.


Reason # 3 I can't be anywhere too long. I am a butterfly of sorts and in true Tobi nature, I get bored, maybe too, easily. Even NYC couldn't keep me lol


None the less I am happy to be here in Columbus! It's been a little over a month now. Happy to have finally secured a job. Happy to have a home with my amazing partner. Happy to be closer to my family and friends. And happy to be somewhere new. Another fresh start.


Hope ya'll enjoy BTC's new installment!




Tobi, founder and editor



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