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BTC Covers Just Kick'N It

October 26, 2017

Hi Creatives! We are back with our 2nd profile! How did ya'll like our interview with Renika?! Haven't read it yet? No problem you can check it out here!




This week we are covering a super cool group... Just Kick'N It! Just Kick'N It is a group of sneaker and street style enthusiasts out of #518 Albany, NY co founded by Denny, Lex and Bebo. After recognizing their on trend style and their knowledge and love for sneakers, the co-founders decided it was time they create space for their genius. In just the few months they've been established, Just Kick'N It is quickly becoming a leader in the Albany street style scene.


I've know Lex since about my sophomore year, shout out to Hypecrew!! Denny I've known for about a year! So excited to see Lex, Denny and Bebo expanding on their passions, proving "hobbies" can expand into huge movements. The team has covered sneakfests, repped with local clothing brands and are constantly creating dialogue around the latest and greatest in streetwear. They even have a YouTube channel! Make me wanna upgrade my little sneaker collection lol 


Ok, enough of me talking, let's dive in! Read how Just Kick'n It is LIVING BEYOND THE CLOUDS below!




Alexis “Lexx OnPoint” Matthews, DennyC23, Cristian "Bebo" and us three make up Just Kick’N It


Where are you from?

DennyC23: Brooklyn, NY 

Lexx OnPoint: Harlem, NY

Bebo: San Juan, PR/Brooklyn (Bushwick) 

JKI: We started up Just Kick’N It in Albany, NY this year.


How do you identify (take that however you want)?

DennyC23: Pro-Black (Insert Fist).

Lexx OnPoint: I identify as a African-American Women and a proud Lesbian!

Bebo: Puerto Rican.



What are your passions and interests?

DennyC23: Fashion, Art and Traveling.

Lexx OnPoint: Cooking new recipes, traveling and definitely collecting sneakers!

Bebo: Video Games, sneakers, music, basketball (Knicks & Syracuse), and traveling.



How did you find your passions and how did they blossom?

DennyC23: It came second nature being from brooklyn lol.

Lexx OnPoint: I wouldn’t say I found my passion, but more so my passions found me. I try to create time to do things I rarely have the time to do, so on my off days I tend to cook up something new and explore the web trying to see where to travel next. You know I have to bring the sneakers along with me on my adventures!

Bebo: Music kept me out of trouble growing up seemed like a magnet at the time. I used to practice African dance and drumming and tap dance. I worked for radio stations and recording studios. Being around people growing up who embodied urban culture, sparked my interest in sneakers alongside basketball. Finally gaming came along as a means to bond with my older brother. 



What is the mission with your work?

DennyC23: To share my passion with the world to help influence the creatives of tomorrow.

Lexx OnPoint: To influence and inspire as many people possible, while educating and contributing to the culture.

Bebo: I want to inspire others to pursue their dreams regardless of obstacles.



What has been a huge breakthrough in your creative/entrepreneurial journey?

DennyC23: The doors opened to me have been amazing from the growth of my network, to shows and events I’ve been apart of.

Lexx: Networking! Us millennials are working overtime to create new things everyday and just by sharing an idea with a friend, they will know someone with similar ideas and will connect you. 

Bebo: Getting involved with music as it has opened so many doors for me.



What has been the biggest struggle in your creative/entrepreneurial journey? What has it taught you?

DennyC23: Staying focused and not being discouraged by others. Its taught me to play my own lane and reach my level of success without comparing myself to others and their standards.

Lexx: Being a natural leader, I struggle a lot with team work. I tend to take on more work than I can complete in a timely manner because of the way I would like things done. I have to learn to trust my team more with the workload.  

Bebo: Responsibilities and obligations. I have to prioritize between passion and being able to take care of myself. You can never truly be completely involved in your passion when your job involves something different. 



How do you practice self love and rejuvenation when you're overwhelmed by your work?

DennyC23: I tend to just take a break. Self reflection and down time is needed to avoid burning yourself out, so when I’m feeling overwhelmed I go out and have some fun with friends to help take the edge off.

Lexx: Retail therapy definitely! Either online or at the mall, I browse around and just buy things that I wanted and didn’t have time to purchase. That usually does the job, but if it was a extremely stressful week, I call up some friends and hang out to take my mind off of things.

Bebo: Meditation to realign myself and values.



What investments have you made for yourself?

JKI: As a collective, we’ve all made a collaborative effort to invest both time and money into building our brand. From the growth in camera/audio quality, lighting, editing tools and content. 


What projects are you working on or have coming up?

JKI: Stay tuned and keep an eye out for announcements!



What advice can you offer to our BTC creatives who are hesitant to dive head first in their dreams or struggling to balance it all?

DennyC23: Just do it. Rome wasn’t built in a day neither is building your dream (inserts fist).

Lexx: Life is about taking chances and “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” My advice on struggling to balance it all is to take some time for yourself and organize your goals. Also prioritize what's most important from your goal list. 

Bebo: Get up and make it happen. Time waits for no one and is a valuable resource as it never is refunded. 



How do you live beyond the clouds?

JKI: We are dreamchasers and to us, “The limit does not exist.” If we can think it, we can make it happen. Our lives are reflected in each episode of the Youtube show and while we record we always end discussing new ideas ALL the time. You know we have to edit those clips out, can’t leak these great ideas!



How can we follow/support your journey?

JKI: You can follow us on Instagram @JustKicknIt_, Facebook (Just Kick'N It) and especially subscribe to the YouTube Channel! If you would like to support the cause you can send donations to https://www.gofundme.com/just-kickn-it .


What is your favorite genre of movie?

DennyC23: Spike Lee Joints (inserts fist).

Lexx OnPoint: Comedy. Who doesn’t like a good laugh?!

Bebo: I have to agree with Lexx, I love comedies. I also love adventure movies.




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