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Sunday Funday: Took Myself Out on a Date to Brassica Short North

If you saw my IG story, you know this weekend, my anniversary weekend, did not turn out well at all. On top of some personal things that started the weekend off sour ( #relationships amiright?) , the restaurant I chose, a Korean BBQ spot, reminiscent of our 1st date was terrible. It was empty - not romantically empty, deserted empty. The waitress did not understand verbal and nonverbal social cues of “please leave us alone, we got this, we’re trying to enjoy our meal alone” and insisted on cooking and cutting our food, literally watching us as we cooked and ate and constantly reached over our food. Also they served the meat frozen… yes frozen. I already don’t really mess with meat like that anymore, so the fact that it came out frozen, as opposed to thawed and marinated as I’ve experienced at every other korean bbq restaurant I’ve patronized, turned me off. As always, after going forward with something that my gut was screaming “Get out!”, I left sad, irritable and hungry saying to myself “I should have listened to my gut…”


Safe to say, by the time Sunday came ya girl needed a total mood reboot. This week is a big week for me. On top of my anniversary, I started with a new team at work this week and I start yoga teacher training (official post on that soon) this Friday, so I was very conscious about having a good weekend to prepare for both transitions this week. It was a beautiful, so Instead of sitting at home and pouting, I showered, got dressed and met up with a friend. I’ve been working on my energy and patience and since then it’s been hard for me to stay mad for a long time. Something I’m very happy about cuz ya girl could stay with an attitude for a wholeee day. I’m practicing feeling my feelings, talking about it, setting boundaries and moving on.


My friend works at a Wine Bar downtown and treated me to some champagne and a mimosa. We hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks so we chatted and caught up. We’re both going through physical and emotional transitions so we talk about that and give each other some “you got this girl!” affirmations. Pro tip: Great conversation, March Madness and champagne are crazy effective tools for a mood boost.


I started to get hungry and decided to try out Brassica in Short North. I’ve heard great things about the restaurant and after my friend highly suggested the falafel and fries with “the special sauce” I had to give it a go. A short walk later, I’m in line trying to contain myself from jumping over the counter, the food looked and smelled soo good! I browse the menu just to see their other offerings, but I came knowing what I wanted. As my turn came around, I ordered the falafel pita and fries with “the special sauce”. As I went down the line I requested more greens, before realizing there was a mid size offering of free add on toppings. So my sandwich was hugee. I got falafel, hummus, greens, cabbage, beets, pickled cucumber (which I ate on the side), roasted cauliflower and sauce. It was so good and a great early dinner!

Tobi Ewing is an illustrator, photographer, writer and self love advocate. Tobi is also the founder of Beyond the Clouds, a brand creating space for poc, women and qtpoc folk to BE WELL. As a queer, black woman and artist, she aims to create creative and wellness space for black and brown marginalized communities. Tobi loves food, practicing art, Netflixing, laughing and building with her community.

Keep up with her on Instagram, @_tobiwithaneye.