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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your commitment. Thank you for seeing my vision.


The Release was an initiative that I dreamt of. An entire day dedicated to unpacking, unlearning trauma and uplifting JOY. When I was first drafting ideas to submit to OSA and the Culture Lab, I initially was going to go with a different idea. Something more “do-able”, something more “realistic”.


However I still came back to you. The Release.


I knew it was no small task to host a self care workshop and a community party in the same day as a small business and one-woman show. To collaborate with several community groups, find venues, set up the venue spaces, create an hour yoga sequence, create a 2 hour workshop on releasing trauma, creating the space to actually support the emotional release, find a DJ, creative a dope energy and vibe, and then of course encourage folks to show up! No small task at all, but with YOUR help I was able to do it!


And that is what community is. This is why I am forever indebted to community. I’ve become teary-eyed while writing this, remembering that The Release fell right around my 1 year mark moving to Columbus. I’m literally the new kid on the block, you didn’t have to take a chance on me, but you did. And I am so honored by that. I don’t take it lightly.


I appreciate every single one of you. All day, night and after the event folks kept sharing “we need more events like this in Columbus”. Music to my ears. Although the self care workshop was limited and in the morning, I was very intentional about still bringing those themes to the party. I wanted folks to have the opportunity to face mental health without intimidation. A cool gallery, dope DJ, healthy snacks and a room full of community helps with that.


My words are falling short of the true heights of gratitude that is over me. I am still feeling this immense wave of gratitude even 3 weeks later. Thank you again for everything.


Because of the turn out, support and my genuine passion for this activation, I am planning to make The Release an annual event! I would love your support in 2019 for this event to continue making it bigger and better!


Thank you,

Tobi, proud founder of Beyond the Clouds

“Practicing yoga and meditation as tools to shift culture around mental maintenance”