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As Women’s History Month comes to a close, I’m reflecting on how to expand this moment of celebration!


So thankful to have the opportunity to build a platform based on the lives, narratives and magic of women of color. I'm happy to showcase and hold space for women of color despite gender expression and sexuality. I make this point because I’ve noticed many spaces for women of color mainly offer space for heterosexual and feminine women. What about queer women? Like myself. Or tomboyish/masculine women? Like my girlfriend. If you hold space for women of color I challenge you to think about who you attract and who you make space for? No platform can include everyyy type of woman, but it’s something to think about. I know as founder of Beyond the Clouds I think about this often.


Earlier this month we highlighted phenomenal women and femmes we value in our lives. Women who have called us to be great, gave us tools to heal, showed us what sisterhood is and offered possibility models of expression, careers and love.


As I meditate on the work of the women that have come before me, who’s lives work I stand on the shoulders of, I am more than blessed and grateful to be a black woman. And I’m grateful to cater to us - my life’s work will be aligned to the praise of Black women!


Black women and femmes are magic! Click the names below to find out more about these cultural shifters.


Also we want to know how are y’all continuing the celebration of women of color in your communities? 🌿

1. Billi Ewing, Brain Tumor Survivor

3. Maya Angelou, Writer and Poet 

4. Lindsey Day, founder of CRWN Magazine

5. Salome Egas, founder of Bruja Feminism

6. Aaryn Lang, Activist, Organizer and TV Host

7. Issa Rae, Director, Screenwriter and Actress

7. Issa Rae, Director, Screenwriter and Actress

8. Massy Arias, Health Coach

9. Lauren Spencer, founder of Sitting Pretty

10. Celia Cruz, Singer and Performer

11. Elise Peterson, Artist, Writer and Mama

12. Wriply Bennet, Activist with Black Pride 4

14. Ericka Hart, M.Ed and Sex Educator

*Ericka doesn't identify as a woman, and that's ok, we still celebrate them and hold space for the amazing non-binary black femme they are!

16. Belcalis Almanzar aka Cardi B, Rapper

17. Sara Elise, founder of Harvest&Revel and Blind Seed

18. Eartha Kitt, Performance Artist

19. Michelle Obama, FLOTUS and Philanthropist

20. Julia Ewing, Community Servant &

Daria Stone, Educator and Author

Both these amazing women are my Grandmothers! 

Thank you for celebrating with Beyond the Clouds!

Tobi Ewing is an illustrator, photographer, writer and self love advocate. Tobi is also the founder of Beyond the Clouds, a brand creating space for poc, women and qtpoc folk to BE WELL. As a queer, black woman and artist, she aims to create creative and wellness space for black and brown marginalized communities. Tobi loves food, practicing art, Netflixing, laughing and building with her community.

Keep up with her on Instagram, @_tobiwithaneye.